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July 23, 2012

CURI Supports Community Learning at UBC

by Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing

We are excited to report on a productive four-month partnership with UBC’s Community Service Learning (UBC-CLI) Initiative. UBC-CLI and CURI share a passion for engaging students, faculty, staff, and community to find collaborative solutions to complex community-based challenges.

Our partnership with UBC-CLI involved hosting a team of three undergraduate students enrolled in a fourth-year seminar on Global Civil Society offered through the Political Science Department.

The course is geared towards providing students an insider view of how civil society organizations are run, their aspirations for a sustainable and just future, their tactics, funding structure and ethical dilemmas.  While students are placed with community organizations they also develop a deeper understanding of specific sustainability challenges.

Through a co-creative and output-oriented process, we worked with students to produce two resources that will directly support CURI’s ability to better connect with university communities.

Stakeholder Map

This resource provides a broad overview and publicly available contact details for university endowments and pension funds across 60 Canadian universities. Students also laid valuable groundwork for mapping similar information for student societies, sustainability offices and student newspapers at these universities.

Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Investing

The student team and Priya Bala-Miller facilitated a three hour seminar discussion for course participants on the topic of CSR and RI at Canadian Universities. Through this activity, CURI was able to support the integration of RI-related academic material into the course curriculum.

Celebration of Learning Event and Stop Motion Video

We also participated in a Celebration of Learning event that brought together students, faculty, CLI staff and community partners.  The CURI student team delivered a high-energy, enthusiastic presentation about CURI. They provided an insightful reflection on their challenges and merits of working with CURI on the selected projects. The students managed to successfully convey their understanding of responsible investment and how it relates to their identity as UBC students in a stop-motion video. The video was very well received by the audience.

Raising CURI’s Profile Within the Non-Profit Community

For this project, CURI was in excellent company. Other organisations that participated in this project were the Environmental Youth Alliance, BC Coalition for International Cooperation, The Canadian Red Cross and Imagine 1 Day.

Photo: CURI’s UBC-CLI team: Michelle Klips, David Yuen and Shelley Lin

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