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December 1, 2012

CURI Advisory Board Members Address Responsible Investing Issues at UVIC

by jmaioran
How can institutional investors, like pensions and endowments, meet their financial needs while benefiting their communities and the wider world? That’s the question that CURI Advisory Board members Peter Chapman (SHARE) and Ben Richardson (UBC Faculty of Law), along with Christine Bergeron (VanCity) answered on Nov. 6th at a panel hosted by UVic student group CommonEnergy and supported by the Centre for Cooperative and Community Based Economics, the University of Victoria Sustainability Project, and the University of Victoria Student Society.
The event was part of a ongoing campaign by CommonEnergy members to encourage UVic to incorporate responsible investment strategies into their endowment and pension funds. This campaign had played a role in the endowment board’s decision over the summer to ask their fund managers to consider environmental, social and governance factors and to report annually on proxy vote use. The Nov. 6th event was a catalyst for conversation and will push the campaign forward to more engagement with staff, faculty, and students.
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