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June 19, 2013

Endowment Evolution- Benchmarking RI at Canadian Universities

by Coalition of Universities for Responsible Investing

We are pleased to announce the launch of CURI’s pilot pilot benchmark study, Endowment Evolution. The benchmarking study Endowmentsassesses Canada’s twelve largest university endowment funds’ policies and performance on responsible investment (RI).

Amongst various aspects, the study evaluates Canadian universities’ regular disclosure reports against sustainability performance criteria and the integration of RI approaches in universities’ overall sustainability framework.

A number of Canadian universities are currently making significant strides to design more effective responsible investment action plans. Their dedication to embedding ESG issues as integral aspects of RI policies and safeguarding their implementation, however, remains to be seen, as indicated by the report.

Endowment Evolution aims to stimulate dialogue on how the RI agenda should be moved forward in a strategic manner across Canadian universities.

To read the full report and the 12 university profiles, please click here.

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