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About CURI

Our Vision

Our guiding vision is a future where the investment decisions taken by universities contribute to the long-term sustainability of communities, the environment and the economy.

Our Mission

CURI works collaboratively to increase the awareness and integration of social, environmental and governance issues as part of a responsible approach to investing by universities in Canada.

Our Values

The following values are at the heart CURI, and influence how we will carry out our mission:

Integrity, Trust and Accountability

CURI strives towards the highest standards of integrity, trust and accountability in our activities. We tie these activities directly to our mission and strategic objectives in order to foster transparency and good governance. In acting as a forum for dialogue, we will work to bridge differences among stakeholders by relying on these values.


CURI values the insights and expertise of our partner organisations. We will continue to work with those that share our belief in the critical role that university investments can play in a more sustainable future.


CURI is committed to diversity and is inclusive of people of all ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientation and ability.

Organisational sustainability

CURI recognizes that its work to mainstream responsible investing (RI) initiatives at universities has a long-term horizon. Therefore, we strive to deliver our mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure we have sufficient financial, human and material resources.

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