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The Current CURI Volunteer Team:

Irene Parvin

Irene is an experienced Researcher in the field of Education and Social Science and a proven leader with a success record for contributing to bring changes in the Teacher Education program, Open and Distance Learning, Youth Empowerment and Community Development.

She is a Researcher at Pathways to Education Canada and before joining in Pathways, she was a Researcher at Brock University, University of Manitoba, Toronto Center for Community Learning and Development, taught at George Brown College, and was a Program Coordinator at Youth Empowering Parents Program in Toronto. She taught in different public universities for more than 13 years and have 15 research articles published in Peer-Reviewed Journals and written book chapters for 5 books. Irene also worked in the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh as a Consultant to introduce the National Teacher Education Curriculum.

Irene has earned her Masters in Educational Research and Evaluation from Dhaka University, an MEd in Inclusive Education from Griffith University of Australia, Bachelor of Arts and Masters in English Literature and Language from Jahangirnagar University, Bachelor of Education (BEd), PGC on Distance Education Design and Development from University of New South Wales of Australia, Teacher Education Curriculum Development from Christchurch College of Education of New Zealand and Teaching English as a Second Language degree from George Brown College of Canada. She was a Commonwealth scholar and achieved Golden Key Society award for achieving outstanding result in her Masters at Griffith University.Driven by the desire to bring social changes and to grow awareness about sustainability and Responsible Investment, she has become a part of CURI.

Stéfanie Fréel

Stéfanie has a Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Foreign Languages and is currently in the process of completing her Masters in Global Affairs at the University of Toronto . At the moment, she is also completing a Certificate in Public Relations. She has worked in the field of mental healthcare and recently completed an internship at the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin. She has also worked in a number of organizations both in Toronto and Geneva.

Mavis Chan

Mavis is a second year Environment and Business undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. She is hoping to work with senior management of businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. She has volunteered with various environmental organizations such as Alternatives Journal – Canada’s Environmental Voice, and has experience with organizational development through starting a club in high school which addressed social and environmental issues to the students and local community.


CURI is powered by volunteerism! CURI activities are implemented with the valued support of volunteers that provide part-time assistance for a variety of administrative, communications and research tasks.

CURI is committed to working with volunteers to create placements that are both rewarding and value-generating.

We also ensure that all volunteers have the necessary resources and support systems in place to complete allocated tasks, and aim towards maximising learning opportunities for our volunteers and CURI.

Sold? Want to sign up? Awesome!

But wait…before you do, here is the fine print:

  • We request volunteers to commit to contribution of 6-10 hours per week, for a minimum of three months.
  • As CURI does not have a physical office location, placements are mainly “virtual” coordinated through skype, email and phone conferences. As such, volunteers should be able to have frequent and reliable access to a computer and the internet.
  • Volunteers do not receive any financial support. However, we are happy to provide placements that help students fulfill requirements towards course credit or work experience.

If you are interested in a volunteer placement with CURI, please forward a statement of interest and resume to:

Priya Bala-Miller

Director, Organisational Development


Please include the following information in your statement of interest (1 page max):

  • Why you want to volunteer with CURI
  • Special skills and talents relevant to CURI
  • Your placement objectives and expectations
  • How long you want your placement to last
  • Which of our current projects you are most interested in working on (review the projects section of our website)
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